THIBAUT, Georg Friedrich Wilhelm

THIBAUT, Georg Friedrich Wilhelm. Heidelberg 20.3.1848 — Berlin-Lichterfelde 16.10.1914. German Indologist in India. Professor in Calcutta. Son of the librarian of Heidelberg University and grandson of a famous lawyer. After school in Heidelberg studied at Heidelberg (Holtzmann) and Berlin (Weber). Ph.D. 1870?. From 1871 further studies in England, became Assistant of Max Müller. In 1875 went to India, as Anglo-Sanskrit Professor at Benares Saskrit College, in 1879-88 Griffith’s successor as its Principal. In 1888-95 Professor in the Muir Central College in Allahabad, in 1895-1906 its Principal. In 1907-14 the first Carmichael Professor of Ancient Indian History and Culture at University of Calcutta. C.I.E. 1906. Married in 1882.

GTh was one of the best specialists of his time in Indian philosophy, astronomy and mathematics.

Publications: edited & translated: Das Jaṭâpaṭala. Lehrbuch des Jaṭâpaṭha für den Rigveda nebst Abschnitt der Prâtiçâkhyajyotsnâ über den Vikṛiti des Kramapâṭha. 53 p. Lp. 1870 (diss.?); On the Sulva-Sutras. 1875.

ed. & tr.: “The Śulva-Sūtra of Baudhāyana”, Pandit 9-10 & N.S. 1, 1875; The Arthasaṅgraha of Laugākṣi Bhāskara. Benares Skr. Ser. 4. 1882; with S. Dvivedi: Varāhamihira’s Panchasiddhāntikā. 1889.

– “Notes on Varáha Mihira’s Panchasiddhantiká”, JASB 53, 1884.

– “On some Recent Attempts to determine the Antiquity of Vedic Civilization [by Tilak & Jacobi]”, IA 24, 1895, 85-100.

translated: Bādarāyana: Vedānta-Sūtras. With the Commentary by Śankarācārya and Rāmānuja. 1-3. S.B.E. 34, 38, 48. L. 18??–1904.

Astronomie, Astrologie und Mathematik. Grudriss III:9. Strassburg 1899.

translated with G. Jha: Śrīharṣa, Khaṇḍanakhaṇḍakhādya, Indian Thought 1-5, 1907-13 and sep. Allahabad 1913.

Sources: Buckland, Dictionary; Who Was Who 1897–1915; Wikipedia; photo in Rau 51.

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