THORNTON, Edward. 1799 1875. British Employe of East India Company. Probably a cousin of —> Edward Parry Th. He worked in East India House in 1814-57, finally (1847–) as head of the maritime department. His works are sometimes ascribed to his cousin (q.v.). Still uncertain is, who is Captain Edward Thornton, R.N., given as the author of the 1833 Summary.

Publications: A Summary of the History of the East India Company. L. 1833.

Chapters of the modern history of British India. L. 1840.

The History of the British Empire in India. 1-6. L. 1841-45, 2nd ed. in one vol. 1858.

A gazetteer of the countries adjacent to India on the North-West including Sinde, Afghanistan, Belochistan, the Punjab and the neighbouring states. 1-2. L. 1844; Gazetteer of the Territories under the Government of the East India Company. L. 1854 and several editions.

Sources: D.N.B. Suppl. 1904, 264..


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