THORSTEINSSON, Steingrímur Bjarnason

THORSTEINSSON, Steingrímur Bjarnason. Arnarstapa, Snæfellsnesi 19.5.1831 — 21.8.1913. Icelandic Poet, Schoolman and Philologist. Matriculated from Reykjavik Latin School in 1851, the studied at Copenhagen University. Completed his studies in 1863, but remained in Copenhagen until 1872. From 1872 teacher at Reykjavik Latin School, from 1895 senior teacher and from 1905 Rector. He was an esteemed romantic poet and translator, but it remains unclear, whether he himself knew any Sanskrit.

Publications: three Indian translations: Sawitri. 1878; Śakuntala. 1879; Nal og Damajanti. 1895.

romantic lyrics, numerous translations in Icelandic, e.g. Byron, Goethe, H. C. Andersen, Tegnér, Arabian Nights.

Sources: Harald Níelsson, Merkir íslendingar. 3, 1949, 301-315, with photo; briefly in Wikipedia, with photo (more in Icelandic version).

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