TICKELL, Samuel Richard

TICKELL, Samuel Richard. Cuttack 19.8.1811 — Cheltenham 20.4.1875. British Colonial Officer and Zoologist in India and Burma. Son of an officer. Trained at Addiscombe 1827-29 joined Bengal Native Infantry. From 1834 served under Hodgson in Kathmandu, then Political Agent in Singbhum. In 1847 sent to Burma. Retired as Colonel in 1865, spent some time in France and then settled in Channel Islands. Married 1844 Maria Templer. Worked on a great work on Indian ornithology, but his deteriorating eyesight impended its completion.

Publications: “Grammatical construction of the Ho language”, JASB 9:2, 1840, 997-1007 & “Vocabulary…”, Ibid. 1063-1090; “Memoir of the Hodesum (improperly called the Colehan)”, JASB 9:2, 1840, 694-710, 783-808 & 10:1, 1841, 30 (the ethnography of a Ho tribe); a couple of articles on Burmese ethnography in JASB.

Wrote much on zoology in JASB.

Sources: Wikipedia with photo.

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