TOLFREY, William

TOLFREY, William. 1778 — Colombo 4.1.1817. British Civil Servant in Ceylon. Son of a colonial official, grew up in England. He came to the island in 1805, after having served in army in India in 1794–1805, participated in Mysore and Maratha wars. He is said to have known Sanskrit, Hindi and Tamil, and learned now Pali and Sinhalese. He started to translate the New Testament into both Pali and Sinhalese (revising the old Dutch version), and at the time of his death had prepared it as far as the Letter to Timothy. The work was continued by Wesleyan missionaries (—> Clough, Gogerly).

Publications: xxx.

Sources: Briefly in G. P. V. Somaratna, “The History of the Sinhala Bible”, JRAS-CB 34, 1989/90, 41-64 on p. 48; C.B[endall], D.N.B. 56, 444; Wikipedia.

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