TOKARZ, Franciszek

TOKARZ, Franciszek. Wronowice 5.2.1897 — Cracow 5.7.1973. Rev. Polish Catholic Priest and Indologist. Son of Maciej and Antonina T. Educated in Nowy Sącz and Chyrów, then studies at Jesuit Colleges of Nowy Sącz and Cracow. Ordained priest 1924. In 1934 quitted S.J. Worked as priest in Lwów, in 1938 moved to Cracow. On various phases studies Sanskrit at Wilno (Otrębski), Lwów (Stasiak) and Cracow (Willman-Grabowska, M.A. 1939), also some Chinese. Ph.D. Cracow, PD 1946 ibid. After the WW II, in 1954-1970 taught Sanskrit at Lublin Catholic University, Department of Christian Philosophy. Mainly interested in Indian religions. An Esperantist.

Publications: Diss. Mistyczne uświadomienie absolutu podług Upaniszad. 1945 (French summary “Quelques énonciations oupanichadiques sur l’être absolu comparées avec celles de la Somme théologique de S.Thomas d’Aquin”, Revue Thomiste 57:3, 1949, 581-586); hab. diss. Wyzwolenie (mokṣa) według Sāmkhyakārikā i komentarza Gauḍapādy. Cracow 1946.

– “‘Theistic’ and ‘Atheistic’ Indian Systems”, FO 9, 1967 (1968), 131-150; “How do I understand Ṛgveda X, 129?”, FO 11, 1969 (1970), 297-300.

Translated into Polish: “Bhagawadgita canto II, VII, XI, XVI”, Z filozofii indyjskiej: kwestie wybrane. 1. Lublin 1974; Patądźali: Jogasutry. 77 p. Warsaw 1979.

Z filozofii indyjskiej: kwestie wybrane. 2. Lublin 211 p. Lublin 1985.

A few books and numerous articles on Indian and Chinese philosophy in Polish.

Sources: *Polish and Esperanto Wikipedia; *M.S. Zięba, Powszechna Encyklopedia Filozofii 9-a: Se-Ż, Lublin 2008, 476b-481a.; bibliography kindly sent to me sent by M.S. Zięba (1999).

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