RICE, Stanley P.

RICE, Stanley P. 1869 — 1944. British Civil Servant in India, interested in Sanskrit. Served 19 years in Madras, retired before 1924 and became member of State Council of Baroda.

Publications: Occasional essays on native South Indian life. 6+223 p. L. 1901.

Life of Sayajirao III, Maharaja of Baroda. 1-2. L. 1913.

Translated: Ancient Indian fables and stories. Being a selection from the Pañcatantra. 126 p. The Wisdom of the East Series. L. 1924; Mahabharata: Tales from the Mahabharata. 124 p. L. 1924.

The Challenge of Asia. 256 p. L. 1925.

Hindu Customs and Their Origins. 219 p. L. 1937.

Sources: Stray notes on his books in Internet, life years inworldcat.org.

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