RICE, Edward Peter

RICE, Edward Peter. 1846? — 1936. British Missionary and Scholar of Kannaḍa, in India. The youngest son of —> Benjamin Holt Rice. Joined London Missionary Society and worked 43 years in India, first in Bangalore from 1873 (when his father was still active there). Married, five children. Retired in 1915 and settled in Sussex.

Publications: Nāgavarma’s Karnātaka Bhāshā Bhūshana. 164 p. 1884.

A history of Kannada (Kanarese) literature. 2nd rev. & enl. ed. 128 p. Calcutta 1921.

The Mahābhārata. Analysis and Index. 15+112 p. L. 1934.

Benjamin Rice or Fifty Years in the Master’s Service. Bangalore 1890.

Sources: http://ricesinindia.info/?page_id=39.

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