RIVERS, William Halse Rivers. Luton near Chatham, Kent 12.3.1864 — Cambridge 4.6.1922. British Physician and Anthropologist. Son of Rev. Henry Frederick R. and Elizabeth Hunt, from 1882 studies of medicine in London. In 1887 ship’s surgeon to Japan and North America. M.D. 1888 London. Worked as physician, from 1893 Lecturer of Psychology at Cambridge, until c. 1908. In 1898 anthropological expedition to Torres Straits, 1901-02 to the Todas of South India, also to Melanesia, in 1914-15 in New Hebrides. In WW I served as psychiatrist. After war “Praelector of Natural Science Studies” at Cambridge. Among his students were G. S. Ghurye and Radcliffe-Brown. He became famous for his treatment of the problems caused by WW I.

Publications: The Todas. 1-2. 773 p. L. 1906.

– “The Marriage of Cousins in India”, JRAS 1907, 611-640, articles on Todas.

Much unrelated to India.

Sources: Very long article in Wikipedia with several photos, also his full bibliography as a separate article.

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