BARDELLI, Giuseppe

BARDELLI, Giuseppe. Branciolino 1816 (or 1815) — Firenze 2.10.1865. Abbate. Italian Indologist and Orientalist (Sinologist and Coptic Scholar). Professor at Pisa, one of the first pioneers of Indian studies in Italy. Tuscan, began his career as a priest, but OT Exegetics made him interested in Egyptology and in Oriental studies in general. Studied in Rome (Sanskrit from Mezzofanti) and Paris (Burnouf, Chinese under Julien). Planned an edition of the Atharvaveda and went to London and Oxford in order to collate manuscripts, but left then his work to Whitney & Roth. Back in Italy, he was nominated Professor at Pisa in 1849, and taught there Coptic, Sanskrit and Chinese until 1851. In 1852 he got an appointment in Biblioteca Laurenziana in Firenze, but also continued teaching of Coptic and Sanskrit (in Pisa or Firenze?; privately or officially?). From 1859 Professore di sanscrito at Istituto Superiore di Firenze, in 1862 transferred to Pisa. Among his students were —> Fumi, Giussani and Lasinio. He prepared an edition of Abhinanda’s Yogavāsiṣṭhasāra, but did not find a publisher. Among his papers are several other unpublished Sanskrit texts. In Paris he befriended with —> Kellgren, who in a letter characterized him as an exceptionally kind man.

Publications: La lingua sanscrita e la lingua latina. 45 p. 1859. A few articles on comparative linguistics, and edition of the Coptic book of Daniel in 1849.

Sources: A. De Gubernatis, Cenni 1872, 5 & Matériaux 1876, ??; Windisch 440; Mohl, JA 6, 8, 1866, 18f.; Gosche, ZDMG Wiss. Jahrb. 1862–67, 62.


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