BARDÓN Y GÓMEZ, Lázaro. Inicio 8.6.1810 — Madrid 9.6.1897. Spanish Priest and Classical Scholar interested in Sanskrit. Born in the province of Léon. Priest from the seminary of Asturias interested early in classical languages, especially in Greek. Ph.D. 1852. Also an autodidact Sanskritist. Professor of Greek at the University of Salamanca and from 1852 at the Universidad Central in Madrid (rector in 1870). Studied on the language of Homer and developed an easy method of teaching Greek.

Publications: A Greek primer, Madrid 1859; a book about the opening of the Suez canal, which he had attended; apparently wrote nothing on India.

Sources: Gelabert y Gordiola, Manual de lengua sanskrita. Madrid 1890, 28; Enc. Univ. Il. 7; Spanish Wikipedia; *S. Olives Canals,Don Lázaro Bardón (1817-1897). Apuntes para una historia de los estudios helénicos en España”, Madrid 1953, 5-40 (with poor picture).

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