ROZENBERG, Fridrih Aleksandrovič (Friedrich Rosenberg)

ROZENBERG, Fridrih (Fëdor) Aleksandrovič (Friedrich Rosenberg). Fellin, Livonia (near Viljandi in Estonia) 1.(13.)3.1867 — Leningrad 5.6.1934. Russian (German of Livonia) Iranian Scholar. Graduated 1890 from Oriental Faculty of St.Petersburg Uni­versity. From 1902 worked in Asian Museum and Oriental Institute, in 1919-29 also in Japhetic Institute. Director of the Asian Museum in Leningrad. From 1924 corresponding member of Russian Academy. Lost his position in the 1930s and died soon in isolation. Around 30 publications.

Publications: Edited & transl. Le livre de Zoroastre (Zarâtusht Nâma) de Zaratusht-i Bahrâm ben Pajdû. 34+82+103 p. St.P. 1904.

Notices de littérature parsie. 74 p. St.P. 1909.

– “Deux fragments sogdien-bouddhiques du Ts’ien-fo-tong de Tou en houang (Mission S. d’Oldenbourg 1914–1915)”, Izv. Ross. A.N. 6:12, 1918, 817-842 & 41, 1920, 399-420, 455-474; “Un fragment sogdien bouddhique”, Izv. Ross. A.N. 6, 1925, 15-17, 1375-1398; a few further articles and reviews.

Sources: Miliband 1977; N. Poppe, Reminiscences. Western Washington 1983; *Izv. AN SSSR 7, 1935:10, 372-385, 895-918; Russian Vikipedija (as Fëdor R.) with photo.

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