RUTGERS, Antonie

RUTGERS, Antonie. Groningen 8.3.1805 — the Hague 18.10.1884. Dutch Oriental Scholar and Reformed Theologian interested in Sanskrit. Professor in Leiden. Son of a minister. School and studies at Groningen: cand.litt. 1823, cand.theol. 1825, dr.theol. 1830. From 1837 eo. Professor of Hebrew at Leiden, retired in 1875. He was interested in Sanskrit and taught it at Leiden, when there still was no chair for it. Around 1851 H. Kern was among his students. Twice married, one son.

Publications: diss. Annotatio in Joëlem. 1830.

Historia Jemanae sub Hasano Pascha. 236 p. Ld. 1838 (ed. in Arabic); several books on Hebrew.

De Sanskrit-drukletters typographisch gerangschikt en met eene proeve van Sanskrit-tekst voorzien. 16 p. Ld. 1851.

Sources: E. Zuidema, Nieuw Ned. Biogr. Woordenboek 2, Ld. 1912, 1244f.; German Wikipedia with portrait.

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