WALHOUSE, Moreton John. Leamington, Warwickshire 19.4.1821 — London 11.1.1913. British Civil Servant in India, interested in Archaeology and Folklore. Son of James Walhouse (d. 1838) and Elizabeth Huskisson. Served in Madras Presidency, in 1877 already in London. Married 1850 Baroness Elizabeth Amelia Beire de Kutzleben, three sons and two daughters.

Publications: “Notes Antiquarian and Mythical”, MJLS 20 (N.S. 4), 1858-59, 53-66 (highly speculative); “On Some Formerly Existing Antiquities on the Nilgiris”, IA 2, 1873, 275-278; “Buddhist vestiges in Trichinopalli”, IA 4, 1875, 272-274; “Bronze antiquities from India”, IA 4, 1875, 302; “Some rude sepulchral stone monuments in India, Persia, and Western Asia”, IA 8, 1879; and several further archaeological notes in IA 1873-81.

– “On the Westward Spread of some Indian Metaphors and Myths”, IA 8, 1879, 162-164.

– “Notes on the Megalith Monuments of the Coimbatore District, Madras”, JRAS 7, 1875, 17-34.

– “Some Account of a Leaf-Wearing Tribe on the Western Coast of India”, JRAnthrInst 4, 1875, 369-376 (Koragus of South Canara); “On the Belief in Bhutas – Devil and Ghost Worship in Western India”, JRAnthrInst 5, 1876, 408-425; “On Non-Sepulchral Rude Stone Monuments”, JRAnthrInst 7, 1878, 21-43; “Some Vestiges of Girl Sacrifices, Jar Burial, and Contracted Interments in India and the East”, JRAnthrInst 11, 1882, 415-423.

– A couple of articles in Folk-lore 1893-94, etc.

Sources: Stray notes in Internet; dates and family in ancestry.ca.

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