WALLICH, Nathanael

WALLICH, Nathanael (born as Nathan Wulff W.). Copenhagen 28.1.1786 — London 28.4.1854. Danish Physician and Botanist in India. Son of a Jewish merchant with German background. After surgeon’s examination in Copenhagen entered Danish medical service and went to Serampur (Frederiksnagore) in 1807. When this was soon seized by the British during Napoleonic wars, he was first imprisoned, but released in 1809 and joined British E.I.C.’s service in 1813. He was assistant of Roxburgh and in 1817-46 his successor as the Superintendent of Botanic Garden in Calcutta. Retired to London for health reasons in 1846 and became Vice-President of Linnean Society. He explored Nepal and Assam and sent others to little known regions to study and collect plants. Named a great number of plants. M.D. 1819 Aberdeen. Presented a collection of Indian books to Copenhagen University. Twice arried, seven children.

Publications: ed. with W. Carey W. Roxburgh’s Flora Indica. 1-3. Serampore 1820-32.

Plantae Asiaticae Rariores. 1-3. London 1830-32.

Sources: *Pauly, Køb. Univ. 8, 1992, 522; Buckland, Dictionary; Wikipedia with two drawings.

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