WARNER, Langdon

WARNER, Langdon. Cambridge, Mass. 1.8.1881 — ibid. 9.7.1955. U.S. Art Historian and Central Asian Explorer. Son of Joseph B. W. and Margret W. Storer. Educated at Harvard (A.B. 1903). Participated in Pumpelly–Carnegie Expedition to Trans-Caspia in 1904-05. In 1906-13 Assistant Curator of Oriental Art in Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. In 1913-14 Director of American School of Archaeology in Peking, in 1917-23 Director of Pennsylvania Museum in Philadelphia. In 1923-50 Field Fellow in Fogg Museum, Harvard University, also Lecturer in Fine Arts at the university. In the 1920s led two Fogg Museum China Expeditions visiting Dunhuang. There he succesfully removed 26 Tanf wall-paintings and sent them to the States, causing a long-standing controversy. LL.D. University of California. Married 1910 Lorraine d’O. Roosevelt, two daughters and one son.

Publications: The Long Old Road in China. 1927; Buddhist Wall-Paintings. Cambridge, Mass. 1938.

Books on Japanese art.

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