WARNER, Langdon

WARNER, Langdon. Cambridge, Mass. 1.8.1881 — ibid. 9.7.1955. U.S. Art Historian and Central Asian Explorer. Son of Joseph B. W. and Margret W. Storer. Educated at Harvard College (A.B. 1903). Participated in Pumpelly–Carnegie Expedition to Trans-Caspia in 1904-05. In 1906-13 Assistant Curator of Oriental Art in Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. In 1913-14 Director of American School of Archaeology in Peking, in 1917-23 Director of Pennsylvania Museum in Philadelphia. In 1923-50 Field Fellow in Fogg Museum, Harvard University, also Lecturer in Fine Arts at the university. LL.D. University of California. Married 1910 Lorraine d’O. Roosevelt, a cousin of Theodore Roosevelt, two daughters and one son.

In 1923-24 and 1925 Warner led two Fogg Museum China Expeditions to Central Asia visiting Dunhuang. There he succesfully removed 26 Tang wall-paintings and sent them to the States, causing a long-standing controversy. But the enmity towards foreigners was rapidly increasing in China and the second expedition was soon interrupted with meagre results.

Publications: “An eighth-century statue from Tun-Huang with Chinese and Japanese parallels”, Art Studies 1926, 29-41.

The Long Old Road in China. 8+168 p. Garden City, NY 1927.

Buddhist Wall-Paintings: a Study of a Ninth-Century Grotto at Wan-fo-hsia near Tun-huang. 15+33 p. 45 pl. Cambridge, Mass. 1938.

Books on Japanese art.

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