WEST, Hans

WEST, Hans. Messinge, Fyn 6.7.1758 — Kassel 6.7.1811. Danish Scholar interested in India. Son of a minister, educated at Odense school. From 1796 director of the Danish School in Christianssted, St. Croix (now of Virgin Islands). There he translated Jones’ English Śakuntalā, which was then published in Copenhagen, edited by his schoolmate, the librarian and historian of literature Rasmus Nyerup (1759-1829). The work includes a long introduction, information mainly culled from the first volume of the As. Res. West was then Danish consul in the Batavian Republic in Brussels (1802-09) and spent his last years in Paris and Rome. He was an eager art collector. Married.

Publications: Cálidás, Sacontalá eller Den uheldige Ring. Copenhagen 1793.

Translations of European literature; description of Danish West Indies.

Sources: *G. L. Grove, D.B.L.; Pauly, Køb. Univ. 8, 1992, 519f.; Danish Wikipedia with portrait.

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