WEYRAUCH, August von

WEYRAUCH, August Heinrich von. Riga 30.4.1788 — Dresden 8.3.1865. German (of Livonia) Poet (nom-de-plume Heinrich von der Myrrhen) and Composer. Born in a Livonian German family as the son of a post master, Friedrich Wilhelm von W. and Sophie Albertina Österlein. Educated in Riga and St.Petersburg. Studied law at Dorpat (Tartu) in 1811-13. In 1820-21 Lecturer in German at Dorpat, quitted because of health problems. In 1827 he moved to Dresden and started the study of theology. He left early the youthful plans of a scholarly and univer­sity career; apparently he was a romantic and utopist, who also suffered of mental problems. As a lied componist he attained some fame, but finally died forgotten in poverty. Married Marie Sophie von Stackelberg.

Publications: “Herodot und Ktesias über Indien”, Dorptische Beyträge 1814 (1815), 365-415.

Own poetry.

Sources: Deutschbaltisches biographisches Lexikon 1710–1960. Köln & Vienna 1970, 862f.; A. Hasselblatt & G. Otto, Album Academicum der Kais. Univ. Dorpat. 1889, s.v.; https://kulturportal-west-ost.eu/biographien/weyrauch-august-heinrich-von-2; family in geni.com.

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