WHATMOUGH, Joshua. Rochdale, Lancashire 30.6.1897 — Winchester, MA 25.4.1964. British IE Linguist in the U.S.A. Professor in Cambridge, Mass. Son of Walter W., an iron-molder, and Elizabeth Hollows. Studied at Manchester (B.A. 1916, and, after war service, M.A. 1921) and Cambridge (Emmanuel Coll., B.A. 1921, M.A. 1926). In 1921-25 Lecturer in Classics at University College of North Wales. In 1925-26 Professor of Latin at Egyptian University in Cairo. From 1926 Professor at Harvard, in 1926-51 chairman of Dept. of Comparative Philology, 1951-63 of Dept. of Linguistics. Hon. A.M. 1942 Harvard, Litt.D. 1959 Dublin. Married in 1930 with Verona Friederich Taylor.

JW was an active scholar, whose bibliography contains over 600 items. His main interests were ancient Italic languages and Gaul, later also general linguistics. Both as a schoar and as teacher he was somewhat controversial figure. Among his many students were M. Fowler, E. Hamp, J. Puhvel, and C. Watkins.

Publications: Scholia in Isidori Etymologias Vallicelliana. P. 1926; Liber Glossarum. P. 1926.

with R.S. Conway & S.E. Johnson, Prae-Italic Dialects of Italy. Cambridge & L. 1933.

The Foundations of Roman Italy. L. 1937; Language: A Modern Synthesis. N.Y. 1957; Grammar of Dialects of Ancient Gaul. Ann Arbor 1963; and numerous other publications on Italic, IE and general linguistics.

Sources: *E. Pulgram, Lex. Gramm. 1996, 1007; W. F. Wyatt Jr. in Briggs (ed.), Biogr. Dict. of N. Am. Class. 1994, 688-681; *bibliography in E. Pulgram (ed.), Studies Presented to J.W. the Hague 1957; German Wikipedia.

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