WHEELER, Benjamin Ide

WHEELER, Benjamin Ide. Randolph, Mass. 15.7.1854 — Vienna, Austria 3.5.1927. U.S. Classical and IE Scholar. Son of Benjamin W., a Baptist priest, and Mary E. Ide. Educated at Brown University 1871-75 (A.B. 1875, A.M. 1878), instructor at the same 1879-81. In 1881-85 further studies in Germany: Leipzig, Heidelberg, Jena, and Berlin (under Brugmann, Curtius, Ostoff, Delbrück, J. Schmidt, etc.), Ph.D. 1885 Heidelberg. In 1885-86 Instructor of German at Harvard. Then in 1886–87 acting Professor of Classical Philology at Cornell University, 1887-88 Professor of Comparative Philology, and 1888–99 of Greek and Classical Philology ibid. 1899-1919 Professor of Comparative Philology, Berkeley University. In 1899-1919 also President of the university. 1919 retired. LL.D. 1896 Princeton, 1900 Harvard, 1900 Brown, 1901 Yale, 1902 Johns Hopkins, 1904 University of Wisconsin, 1904 Illinois College, 1905 Dartmouth, 1906 Columbia, 1916 University of Kentucky, Hon. Ph.D. 1912 Univ. of Athens, 1915 L.H.D. Colgate. Married 1881 with Amey Webb.

BIW was mainly a Greek scholar (and more a philologist than linguist), but at Berkeley he also taught Sanskrit (founded the Sanskrit Dept.), Gothic and Balto-Slavic. He made numerous visits to Europe, in 1909-10 visiting Professor at Berlin University.

Publications: diss. Der griechische Nominalaccent. Strassburg 1885.

Analogy and the Scope of Its Application in Language. Ithaca NY 1887; Dionysos and Immortality. Boston 1899; Alexander the Great: The Merging of East and West in Universal History. N.Y. 1900; etc.

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