WIJK, Nicolaus van

WIJK, Nicolaas van. Delden 4.10.1880 — Leiden 25.3.1941. Dutch Slavic, German and IE Linguist. Son of a minister, educated at Zwolle gymnasium. In 1898-1901 studied Dutch at Amsterdam, also learned Sanskrit and Gothic from Uhlenbeck. Ph.D. 1902 in IE linguistics. Then further studies at Leipzig (Brugmann), now also Slavic under Leskien, and briefly in Moscow. After a brief period as schoolteacher of German worked from 1907 at Royal Library in the Hague. From 1913 Professor of Slavic linguistics at Leiden. Unmarried.

Publications: Diss. Der nominale Genitiv Singular im Indogermanischen in seinem Verhältnis zum Nominativ. 1902; a few articles in IE.

Much on Balto-Slavic and on East European literature, also on Dutch.

Sources: *W. J. J. Pijnenburg, Lex. Gramm. 1996, 1011; German Wikipedia with photo and further references, another photo and further details in the Dutch version.

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