WIJK, Walter Emile van

WIJK, Walter Emile van. Amsterdam 23.1.1887 — Arnhem 14.11.1961. Dutch Scholar of Chronology and History of Science. Studies of science at Leiden, 1920 dr. in chemistry. Even before worked as teacher in adult education. PD of Chronology 1924 Leiden. In 1933-38 Director of Gemeentelijke Onderwijs Museum en de Schoolbioscoop in the Hague, 1938-53 of Collège néerlandais in the Cité Universitaire in Paris. Back in the Netherlands again, PD at Leiden from 1954. Praised as a specialist in ancient Indian astronomy. Married.

Publications: “On Hindu Chronology”, AO 1, 1923, 206-223; 2, 1924, 55-62, 235-249; 4, 1926, 55-80; 5, 1927, 1-27; “The eras of the Indian Kharoṣṭhī inscriptions“, AO 3, 1924, 51-91; “On the dates in the Kaniṣka Era”, AO 5, 1927, 168-170..

Much unrelated to India.

Sources: Dutch Wikipedia.

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