BARSTOW, Arthur Edward

BARSTOW, Arthur Edward (“Bustling Bill”). Edinburgh 17.3.1888 — near Layang Layang, Malaya 28.1.1942. British (Scottish) Colonial Officer in India. Major-General. Son of Lieutenant-Colonel Thomas Adam Anderson B. and Jane Cape. Educated at Bradfield College and Sandhurst. From 1909 served in the Punjab with the 15th Ludhiana Sikhs (during WW 1 in Iraqi front). Finally Commander of Waziristan District, in WW 2 sent to Malaya. Killed in action by Japanese. C.I.E. Married 1927 Nancy Lewkenor Knight.

Publications: The Sikhs, an Ethnology. Revised at the request of the Government of India [from the Hand-books for the Indian Army: The Sikhs]. 234 p. 1928.

Sources: Not in British Biogr. Arch. 1st & 2nd series, not in N.U.C.; Wikipedia.

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