BARTHÉLEMY, Adrien Léon Nicolas

BARTHÉLEMY, Adrien Léon Nicolas. Paris 24.8.1859 — Emancé (Rambouillet) 18.12.1949. French Iranist and Arabist. Studied at the É.L.O.V. Arabic, Turkish, and Persian, at the É.P.H.É. Sanskrit and Avestan (under Darmesteter), graduated 1884 with a thesis on the Pehlevi Gujastak Abalish. Served in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Tripoli, Beirut, Zanzibar, 1891-96 Aleppo, 1896-99 Marache, 1899-1903 Aleppo again, and 1903-05 Recht (studied local dialects). From1905 again in Paris, from 1909 teaching at the É.L.O.V. and É.P.H.É. Retired 1929. Mostly interested in modern Arabic and comparative Semitic. A ms. of more than 3000 pages, a dictionary of Eastern Arabic, was left unpublished.

Publications: several articles on modern Arabic, on semitics and on Iranistics.

French transl. Artâ Vîrâf Nâmak. P. 1887; ed. & tr. Gujastak Abalish. Texte pehlvi, trad. & comm. 1887; “Une légende iranienne trad. du pehlevi”, RL 21, 1888, 314-339 (Yôcht-i-Friyân).

Sources: A. Basset, JA 239, 1951, 239–241; F. Richard, Enc. Iranica 3:8, 1988.


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