WIRTZ, Johannes (Hans) Friedrich Alb

WIRTZ, Johannes (Hans) Friedrich Alb. Mülheim am Rhein 22.1.1867 — 1942. German Student of Indology. Son of Wilhelm W., a merchant, lost his mother in 1870 and father 1885. School in Mülheim, gymnasium 1879-83 in Bonn and 1883-87 in Gütersloh. After one term of law studies at Munich in 1887 he served voluntary in the army, disbanded after an accident. From 1889 studied Sanskrit (under Jacobi) and Germanic at Bonn. Ph.D. 1894 Bonn.

Apparently (the same birth year) he turned into Sinology, studied Chinese in Berlin and worked in 1900-21 as teacher in the German base of Tsingtau (Qingdao).

Publications: diss. Die westliche Rezension des Rāmāyaṇa. 100 p. Bonn 1894 (on textual criticism).

Sources: life in diss.; diss. in Janert; Chinese information in https://www.studeo-ostasiendeutsche.de/archivdokumente/55-manuskriptkatalog/file.

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