WISSMANN, Wilhelm. Berlin 27.2.1899 — Munich 21.12.1966. German IE Linguist. Son of bank clerk Otto W., gymnasium in Berlin. From 1917 military service, from 1919 studied under Schulze at Berlin. Ph.D. 1930, then worked as Assistant at Berlin. PD 1938 Berlin, in 1939 he moved to Halle, but had soon to enter army service. From 1940 ao. Professor at Freiburg i.B., from 1942 ord. of IE at Königsberg. In 1945 succeeded Schulze at Berlin. From 1953 Professor at Munich. A scholar of IE, Germanic and Latin. Antisemitist from youth, he was active in several Nazi organizations and 1945-47 in prison. Berlin A.W. 1949, Bavarian A.W. 1957. Married Eva Pretzel, then as widower Annemarie Hoffmann.

Publications: Nothing on Indo-Iranian, mainly wrote on German and Germanic languages.

Sources: *D. Cherubim, Lex. Gramm. 1996, 1019; *KZ 80, 1966, i-iv; bibliography by J. Bechert, KZ 82, 1968, 161-182; German Wikipedia.

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