WOEPCKE (Woepke), Franz

WOEPCKE (Woepke), Franz. Dessau 6.5.1826 — Paris 25.3.1864. German Orientalist (Arabic Scholar) and Historian of Mathematics in France. Son of a postmaster. Studies of mathematics at Berlin. Ph.D. 1847 Berlin. Now studied Arabic at Bonn under Freytag. PD 1850 Bonn. In 1850 moved to Paris, now also studied Persian and Sanskrit. Divided his time between Paris and Germany, teaching mathematics at French Lyceym in Berlin, also manuscript studies in London and Oxford. At the time of his death prepared an edition of al-Bīrūnī. A friend of Hippolyte Taine.

Publications: ed. Umar Khayyāmī’s Algebra. 1851; Al-Karkhī’s Algebra. 1853.

four articles on the influence of Indian mathematics on Arabian, in Nouv. Annales de mathématique 1854; Tortolini’s Annali di scienze matematiche 6, 18??; Accad. de’ Nuovi Lincei 1859; “Propagation des chiffres Indiens”, JA 6:1, 1863, 27-79, 248-290.

on classical mathematics in Arabic literature: Euclides in JA 1851, and Apollonius of Perga in Par. Acad. 1856; several articles on Abu’l-Wafā’s Geometry, 1858-60; articles on Leonardo of Pisa and his Arabic sources, 1854-61.

Sources: Fück 204; Gosche, ZDMG Wiss. Jahresber. 1862-67, 46f.; A. Messaoudi, D.O.L.F. 980f.; *H. Taine, Journal des Débats 5.5.1864; *Taine, Nouveaus essais de critique. Paris 1865, 385-394; bibliography in JA 6:4, 1864, 22f.; Wikipedia.

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