WÜRTH, Gottlob

WÜRTH, Johann Gottlob. Pleidelsheim bei Ludwigsburg, Württemberg 18.9.1820 — Mangalore2?.12.1869 (soon after Christmas). Rev. German Missionary in South India. Of a modest family, apprenticed to local village surgeon when 14. He turned to religion and from 1840 was trained as missionary in Basel. Joined the Basel Mission and arrived in India in 1845. Worked in Hubli, in 1850-52 at Mangalore Seminary, then in Bettigeri (Coorg). After brief vacation at home went in 1868 to Mangalore. Married Fanny Leitner.

Publications: “Ueber das Religionssystem der Lingaiten”, Baseler Missions-Magazin 1, 1853, 86-149.

– Translated: “The Basava Purâna of the Lingaits”, JBRAS 8:24, 1864-66 (1872), 65-97; “The Channa-Basava Puráṇa of the Lingaits”, JBRAS 8:24, 1864-66 (1872), 98-221.

Canarese Poetical Anthology, with notes and a Canarese–English Vocabulary. Ed. by J. Garrett. 577 p. Mangalore 1868.

Sources: Various mission reports accessed in Internet; Ledderhose, A.D.B. 44, 1898, 348f.

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