WORTHAM, Biscoe Hale

WORTHAM, Biscoe Hale. 1843 — 19??. Rev. British Priest and Indologist. Studies at Trinity College, Oxford. In the 1880s living in Devon. In 1911 Rector of Dunton Waylett.

Publications: translated: “Transl. of the Mârkaṇḍeya Purâṇa. Books VII.VIII.”, JRAS 13, 1881, 355-379; “Tr. of Books 81–93 of the M. P.”, JRAS 17, 1885, 221-274 (= Devīm.); “The Story of Devasmitâ. Transl. from the Kathâ Sarit Sâgara, Tarânga 13, sloka 54”, JRAS 16, 1884, 1-12; “The Stories of Jîmûtavâhana, and of Hariśarman”, JRAS 18, 1886, 157-176 (from the KSS).

translated: The Śatakas of Bhartrihari. 12+149 p. L. 1886; Hitopadeśa or a Book of Counsel. 1906; The enchanted Parrot, being a selection from the “Suka Saptati”. 127 p. L. 1911; The Buddhist Legend of Jīmūtavāhana, from the Kathā-sarit-sāgara (The ocean-river of story), dramatized in the Nāgānanda (The joy of the world of serpents), a Buddhist drama by Śrī Harsha Deva. 15+105 p. L. 1911 (inlcudes also Somadeva’s version).

Sources: Only translations in Internet.

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