SALYS, Antanas

SALYS, Antanas. Reketé 21.7.1902— Philadelphia 31.7.1972. Lithuanian IE and Baltic Linguist, later in the U.S.A. Studies at Kaunas and Leipzig (Trautmann). Ph.D. 1929 Leipzig. In the 1930s PD of IE at Vytautas University in Kaunas, developed experimental phonetics of Lithuanian. In 1944 emigrated to Germany and later to the U.S.A. From 1947 taught at University of Pennsylvania, from 1956 as Professor of Slavic and Baltic Languages.

Publications: Diss. Die Žemaitischen Mundarten. 1. Geschichte des Žemaitischen Sprachgebiets. 146 p. Kaunas 1929.

Wrote mainly on Lithuanian and Baltic linguistics, his main work was the great Wörterbuch der litauischen Schriftsprache. 1-5. Heidelberg 1932-68.

Sources: M. Benson, Lituanus 19, 1973 in with photo; briefly in *Lithuanian and Russian Wikipedia.

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