SAUNDERS, Kenneth J.

SAUNDERS, Kenneth James. Cape Town 10.1.1882 — 1937. British (?) Missionary and Buddhist Scholar in Sri Lanka and India, finally in the U.S.A. Studies at Cambridge (Emmanuel College): B.A. 1905, M.A. 1912. In 1908-12 Vice-Principal of Trinity College in Kandy. From 1913 Principal of Y.M.C.A. College in Calcutta, also Literary Secretary of Y.M.C.A. India, Burma and Ceylon (1915). In 1921 Haskell Lecturer at University of Chicago. From 1921 Professor of History of Religion at Pacific School of Religion of U.C. Berkeley until his death. Litt.D. 1925.

Publications: The Heart of Buddhism, Being an Anthology of Buddhist Verse. 95 p. L. 1915.

The Story of Buddhism. 167 p. Oxford 1916.

With W. D. C. Wagiswara, The Buddha’s Way of Virtue. A translation of the Dhammapada from the Pali Text. 112 p. The Wisdom of the East Series. L. 1920.

– “Some Significant Aspects of the Theology of Buddhism”, Journal of Religion 1, 1921, 355-361; “Sketches of Buddhism as a Living Religion”, Journal of Religion 2, 1922, 418-431; “Buddhism in China: A Historical Sketch”, Journal of Religion 3, 1923, 157-169, 256-275; Whither Asia? 221 p. N.Y. 1933 (missionary approach).

Gotama Buddha, a biography. 111 p. The Heritage of India Series. L. 1922; Buddhism in Modern World. 83 p. 1922; Buddhism and Buddhists in Southern Asia. 85 p. N.Y. 1923; Epochs in Buddhist History. 19+243 p. Chicago 1924.

Transl. Lotuses of the Mahāyāna. 63 p. The Wisdom of the East Series. L. 1924.

The Christ and the Buddha: A Challenge Accepted. 102 p. 1927.

The Gospel for Asia. A study of three religious masterpieces: Gīta, Lotus and Fourth Gospel. 19+ 245 p. L. 1928; The Heritage of Asia. 236 p. 1932.

A Pageant of Asia. A Study of three civilizations. 12+452 p. L. 1934 (i.e. India, China and Japan); The ideals of East & West. 23+246 p. N.Y. 1934.

Sources: University of California Register 1923-24. 2, 1924, 24; with photo.

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