SCHAUFFELBERGER, Daniel Franz. Paris 1819 — 1???. Swiss Student of Classical Philology and Indology. Son of Daniel Franz Sch. of Neuchâtel and Eleonora Lardy. Educated in Neuchâtel and Geneva. Studies at Tübingen, Halle and Bonn. Ph.D. 1845 Bonn. In his vita he himself states that he was born in 1819 and his father was from Neuchâtel. Philologiques claims that he was Alsatian, gives birth year as 1817, studies right and informs further that he was then teacher of German in Lille.

Publications: Diss. De Ctesiae Cnidi Indicis. 45 p. Bonnae 1845.

Corpus scriptorum veterum qui de India scripserint, fasc. I. continens: Scylacem, Hecataeum, Herodotum, Ctesiam. 52 p. Bonnae ad Rhenum 1845.

Sources: Vita in diss.; M. Espagne, F. Lagier & M. Werner, Philologiques. 2. P. 1991, 63.

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