SCHENKL, Karl. Brünn (Brno) 11.12.1826 — Graz 20.9.1900. Austrian Classical Scholar interested in Sanskrit. Son of a schoolteacher and classical philologist. Studies of classics and law in 1845-49 at Vienna, then also under Curtius at Prague. Ph.D. 1849 Vienna. Worked first as schoolteacher in Prague. In 1857-64 Professor of Classical Philology at Innsbruck (without habilitation), in 1864-75 at Graz. In both universities he also taught Sanskrit. In 1873 he stopped Sanskrit as J. Schmidt took over at Graz. From 1875 Professor at Vienna, emeritus 1899. Member of Austrian AW from 1868 (corr. 1863). At Graz Kirste was his student. Married, at least one son (Heinrich Schenkl, also a classical philologist) and one daughter.

Publications: Edited Latin texts and wrote popular Greek textbooks; articles.

Sources: Lochner v. Hüttenbach 1991, 9f.; K. Smolak, Ö.B.L. 10, 1994, 83f.; *Wurzbach 29, 1875, 202-204; Wikipedia (German version with photo); photo in Freisitzer et al. 1985, 126.

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