SHAW, Robert Barkley

SHAW, Robert Barkley. London 12.7.1839 — Mandalay, Burma 15.6.1879. British Traveller in Central Asia, then Civil Servant in Burma. Son of Robert Grant Shaw, “educated at Marlborough and Trinity College, Cambridge, became a tea-planter in Kangra. Travelled in 1868 as a merchant to Eastern Turkestan, reaching Yarkand and Kashgar, Jan. 1869, well treated by Yakub Beg. Went again with Sit T. D. Forsyth to Yarkand in 1870. Received the Royal Geographical Society’s medal in 1872. British Joint Commissioner in Ladak. Again at Yarkand, in 1875, with Forsyth’s treaty of 1874. Came to England in charge of the Yarkand Envoy. Resident at Mandalay, then in Upper Burma, in 1878, died there.”

Publications: wrote for the JASB.

A Visit to High Tartary, Yârkand and Kâshghar. 16+486 p. L. 1871.

A Sketch of the Turki Language as spoken in Eastern Turkestan. 109+21 p. Lahore 1875.

The Ghalchah Languages (Wakhi and Sarikoli). 140 p. Calcutta 1876

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SHAW, William. 18?? — 19??. British Civil Servant in North-East India. In the beginning of the century spent seven years subdivisional officer in north-western part of the Manipur State.

Publications: “Notes on the Thadou Kukis”, JASB 24, 1928, 1-175, 7 pl., map, also separately as book.

Sources: XX.

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