SHAW, William

SHEA, David. 1777 — 1836. British (Irish?) Persian Scholar. Professor at Haileybury. Studied Classics at Dublin. Never visited Asia, but learned Arabic and Persian in Malta, then teaching at Haileybury. Two works were completed and published by A. Troyer.

Publications: History of the early kings of Persia: from Kaiomars, the first of the Peshdadian dynasty, to the conquest of Iran by Alexander the Great. Tr. from the original Persian of Mirkhond, entitled the Rauzat-us-safa. 441 p. London 1832.

Transl. The Dabistan, or, School of manners. 1-3. Paris 1843 (completed by Troyer).

Transl. as Radjatarangini. Histoire des Rois du Kachmír. 1-3. 24+584+657+ 727 p. P. 1840-52 (completed by Troyer, according to Mohl two fifths are by DS, but his name is left out from the title page).

Sources: Death noted in JRAS 4, 1937, Proc. xviiif.; Troyer’s Introduction to the Dabistan p. cxc-cxcii.

SHERLOCK, Woodward Wright. 18?? — 19??. Colonel. M.A. Lecturer (University Teacher) in Hindustani at London University College (1884) and at Cambridge (1883-1912).

Publications: ???.

Sources: The Cambridge University Calendar for the Year 1917–1918 p. 72.

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