SHERRING, Matthew Atmore

SHERRING, Matthew Atmore. 26.9.1826 — Benares 10.8.1880. Rev. British Missionary and Ethnologist in India. Educated at Coward College and University College, London. He joined the London Missionary Society and after ordination in 1852 went immediately to Benares. He was in charge of the mission in Benares and Mirzapur. Died of cholera. JRAS discreetly hints that his work was somewhat controversial.

Publications: articles in the JASB 24-25 on archaeology.

The Indian Church during the Great Rebellion. L. 1859.

Journal of Missionary Tours to Fyzabad in Oude, and Singrowlee in the Mirzapore District, North West Provinces, India, During the Winter of 1861-1862. Mirzapore 1862.

The sacred city of the Hindus: an account of Benares in ancient and modern times. With Introd. by F. Hall. 36+388 p. L. 1868.

Hindu Tribes and Castes, as represented in Benares. 1-3. 23+405+???+??? p. 1872-81.

Hand-book for Visitors to Benares. Calcutta 1875.

The Hindoo Pilgrims. 125 p. L. 1878.

History of Protestant Missions in India. 1875, new ed. 15+463 p. L. 1884.

Sources: Buckland, Dictionary; Wikipedia only lists his works

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