SHORE, John (1798 first baron Teignmouth). London 5. or 8.10.1751 — London 14.2.1834. British Colonial Officer. Son of Thomas Shore, educated at Harrow. In India 1769-90 in E.I.C.’s civil service in Calcutta: in 1775-80 Member of Committee of Revenue, then Revenue Commissioner in Dacca and Bihar and 1787-89 Member of Supreme Council. After a while in England (Bart. 1792) again in Calcutta as Governor-General in 1793-98. In 1807-28 Member of Board of Control, also Privy Councillor. President of the A.S.B., 1794, and of British and Foreign Bible Society, 1804-34. He wrote much on Bengal revenue question, advocating the zamindari system, but opposing to the permanent settlement of Cornwallis.

Publications: articles in the As. Res.

wrote a biography of Sir William Jones (1804) and edited his Works.

Also wrote on missionary themes.

Sources: Buckland, Dictionary; Wikipedia with portrait.

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