SIAUVE, Suzanne

SIAUVE, Suzanne. Lille 27.12.1919 — 12.8.1975. French Indologist. Daughter of a gynaecological surgeon, went to school in Lille. From 1939 studied at École normale superieure de Sèvres. From 1943 taught at Lycée Jeanne d’Arc in Rouen. Agrégé de philosophie 1945. Now started the study of Sanskrit (under Renou) and Tibetan (Bacot). From 1950 in C.N.R.S. In 1952 she went to India to study Dvaita for a dissertation suggested by Lacombe. When 1955 the French Institute was founded, she became an Assistant to Filliozat and his standing representant (Deputy Director) in Pondichéry. With the help of R. N. Bhat (himself a Mādhva) she studied South Indian Dvaita communities and literature, although administration took much of her time. With a three years’ leave in 1966 she started to work on her diss. in Bangalore. Ph.D. 1970 Paris. Remained now in France because of health problems.

Siauve began as a specialist of the Dvaita school of Madhva, but during her later years also interested in the schools of Nimbārka and Vallabha. Her manuscript remains contained a number of translations of philosophical texts, partly published posthumously. She was also interested in theology, participated in Christian dialogue and edited posthumous writings of abbé —> Jules Monchanin.

Publications: La voie vers la connaissance de Dieu (Brahma-Jijñāsā) selon l’Anuvyākhyāna de Madhva. 6+108 p. P.I.F.I. 6. Pondichéry 1957.

Edited & transl.: Les noms védiques de Viṣṇu dans l’Anuvyākhyāna de Madhva (Brahma-Sūtra I, 1, adhikaraṇa 2 à 12). 9+110 p. P.I.F.I. 14. Pondichéry 1959.

Diss. La doctrine de Madhva. Dvaita-Vedānta. 397 p. P.I.F.I. 38. Pondichéry 1968.

Les hierarchies spirituelles selon l’Anuvyākhyāna. Textes choisis et traduits. 114 p. P.I.F.I. 43. Pondichéry 1971.

Edited & transl.: Aṣṭādaśabhedanirṇaya. Explication des dix-huit differences (entre les deux branches de l’École de Rāmānuja) de Śrī Vātsya Raṅganātha. 8+111 p. P.I.C.I. 58. Pondichéry 1978.

Hindouisme et christianisme en dialogue. 144 p. P. 1978.

Sources: R. N. Bhatt, Préface on p. v-viii of her 1978 book; J. Filliozat, BEFEO 63, 1976, 1-4 with photo; F. Jacquin, D.O.L.F. 893; Chercheurs d’Asie.

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