SIEVERS, Eduard. Lippoldsberg an der Weser, Hessen 25.11.1850 — Leipzig 30.3.1932. German Phonetician, Germanic and IE Linguist. Professor in Leipzig. Educated in Kassel. Studies of Classics, Germanic, IE and Semitic at Leipzig (under Zarncke, Curtius, Ebert etc.). Ph.D. 1870 Leipzig. From 1871 eo. and from 1876 ord. Professor of Germanic and Romance Philology at Jena. From 1883 Professor of German at Tübingen, from 1887 at Halle, and from 1892 at Leipzig. Married,three children. He was famous as Neogrammarian linguist, but mainly worked on Germanic.

Publications: diss. Untersuchungen über Tatian. Halle 1870.

edited OHG texts: Tatian. 1872; Heliand. 1878; and others.

Grundzüge der Lautphysiologie. Lp. 1876; 2nd ed. Gr. der Phonetik. Lp. 1881, 5th ed. 1901.

much on Germanistics.

Sources: F. H. Ehrhardt, Lex. Gramm. 1996, 860f.; H. J. Solms, N.D.B. 24, 2010, 390f.; Wikipedia with photo

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