SIMPSON, William

SIMPSON, William. Glasgow 28.10.1823 — London 17.8.1899. British (Scottish) Artist. Of modest origin, became famous as newspaper illustrator. He illustrated Crimean war and travelled in 1859-62 in India preparing sketches (like Daniell). Also visited Ladakh. The book project was a failure and the publisher went bankrupt. Further travels in Russia and 1868 in Ethiopia, soon illustrating the Franco-Prussian war, then 1872 in China and 1873 in the U.S.A. Again in India with the Prince of Wales in 1877. In 1878-79 in Afghanistan. Married Maria Eliza Burt, one daughter.

Publications: India Ancient and Modern. 50 pl. with text by J. Kaye. 1867.

– “Pujahs in the Sutlej Valley, Himalayas”, JRAS 16, 1884, 13-30; “The Trisula Symbol”, JRAS 22, 1890, 299-317.

The Buddhist Praying Wheel. 303 p. 48 fig. L. 1896.

The Autobiography of William Simpson. Ed. by G. Eyre-Todd. 15+351 p. L. 1903; a few further books.

Sources: Wikipedia with further references, photo and samples of his work.

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