ŠIRJAEV, Mihail Alekseevič

ŠIRJAEV, Mihail Alekseevič. 1887 — 1952. Russian Indologist. Student of Ščerbackoj and Barannikov, specialised first in Hindustani, then also in Sanskrit. In the 1930s Docent of Indology at Leningradskij Vostočnyj Institut imeni A. S. Enukidze. He also started translating Manu and even planned Mahābhārata, but in 1937 the publication of Sanskrit works was forbidden and he was only allowed to wotk on Hindi dictionary. Later he moved to Moscow and worked there.

Publications: Participated in the Hindi–Russian dictionary.

Translated in the 1930s the Śukasaptati, published in 1960 as Sem’sedjat rasskazov popugaja by the same Kal’janov who in 1937 had described it as pornography.

Sources: Not in Miliband 1977, 1995; S.D. Serebrjanyj, “Ju. N. Rerich i istorija otečestvennoj indologii” in http://www.abhidharma.ru/A/Simvol/Indyizm/0018.pdf, note 74; Information kindly offered by Ja. V. Vasil’kov and A. A. Vigasin.

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