SLOTTY, Friedrich

SLOTTY, Friedrich. Brieg (Bez. Breslau, now Brzeg in Poland) 19.10.1881 — Jena 23.12.1963. German (East) IE Scholar. Studies of Classics and Comparative Linguistics at Greifswald, Breslau and Jena ( under Cappeller and Delbrück). Ph.D. 1905 Jena (diss. on Latin). Worked as schoolteacher, then PD at Jena 1914, Prof. eo. ibid. 1919 and at Prague 1925. Professor ord. at Prague German University from 1928. He had actively criticized Nazis, who therefore expelled him from the university in 1939. After war reinstated by Czechoslovakia government. In 1947 invites as Professor to Jena, but could only arrive after Stalin’s death in in 1953. Retired already 1954. He worked much on Latin and Greek and had a special interest in Etruscan.

Publications: Studies on IE and general Linguistics and on Etruscan.

Sources: *R. Hauschild, Forsch. u. Fortschritte 39, 1964; German Wikipedia.

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