SMYTH, Herbert Weir

SMYTH, Herbert Weir. Wilmington, DE 8.8.1857 — Bar Harbor, ME 16.7.1937. U.S. Classical (Greek) Scholar also interested in Indology. Son of Clement Biddle Smyth, an iron manufacturer, and Sarah Ann Sellers. Educated at Swarthmore (A.B. 1876) and Harvard (A.B. 1878) Further studies in Germany: 1879-81 Leipzig, 1881-83 Göttingen. Ph.D. 1884 Göttigen. In 1883-85 Instructor in Classics, German and Sanskrit at Williams, 1885-88 Lecturer and Reader at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, in 1888-1901 Associate Professor and Professor at Bryn Mawr. In 1901-02 Professor of Greek and 1902-25 Eliot Professor of Greek Literature at Harvard. Married 1887 with Eleanor Adt.

HWM was the leading Greek grammarian of his day in the U.S.A. and apparently abandoned his early side interest in Sanskrit. In his later years, from the early 1900s, he mainly worked on Greek lyric, dramatic and epic poetry.

Publications: diss. Der Diphthong ei im Griechische unter Berücksichtigung seiner Entsprechungen in verwandten Sprachen. 82 p. Göttingen 1884.

articles on Greek linguistics in AJP, TAPA, etc.; The Sounds and Inflections of the Greek Dialects: Ionic. Oxford 1894; A Greek Grammar for Colleges. N.Y. 1920.

translated: A. Weber: “Sacred Literature of the Jains”, IA 17, 1888, 279-292, 339-345; 18, 1889, 181-184, 369-378; 19, 1890, 62-70; 20, 1891, 18-29, 170-182, 365-376; 21, 1892, 14-23, 106-113, 177-185, 210-215, 293-311, 327-341 & 369-373 (concluded), also as book in 1894.

ed. Greek Melic poets. New York 1900; Aeschylus. 1-2. Loeb Series 1922-26.

Sources: W. W. Briggs Jr. in Briggs (ed.), Biogr. Dict. of N. Am. Class. 1994, 602-604; Wikipedia.

SNELLING, John. 1943 — London 28.2.1992. British Bauddha. In the 1980s General Secretary of the Buddhist Society and Editor of the Middle Way. Suffered long of leukaemia. Twice married.

Publications: The Sacred Mountain: Travellers and pilgrims at Mount Kailas in Western Tibet. L. 1983; The Buddhist handbook. A complete guide to Buddhist teaching, practice, history and schools. 373 p. L. 1987.

Buddhism. 1986; The Elements of Buddhism. L. 1990.

Buddhism in Russia. The Story of Agvan Dorzhiev, Lhasa’s Emissary to the Tsar. 16+230 p. Shaftesbury, Dorset, etc. 1993.

Editor of The Middle Way.

Sources: Preface of his 1993 book; and other notes in Internet.

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