BAUNACK, Johannes Fürchtegott

BAUNACK, Johannes Fürchtegott. Trebsen bei Grimma (east of Leipzig) 22.12.1854 — 1928. German Philologist. Son of school inspector Gottlob Franz B., brother of —> Theodor B. Attended Leipzig. Gymnasium 1866-74, then studied classical philology, IE linguistics and Indo-Iranian languages at Leipzig University under Curtius, Zarncke, Brockhaus and Kuhn. Ph.D. 1877 Leipzig (Curtius). From 1878 teacher (Lehrer) at Nikolaischule (gymnasium in Leipzig), then Oberlehrer (1900).

As a scholar Baunack mainly con­centrated on Greek, starting the study of Greek language, dialects and epigraphy already in his dissertation. In his comparative works he derived much material from Sanskrit, too.

Publications: Diss. Schedae grammaticae. 80 p. Lp. 1877; several publications on Greek language and epigraphy; with Th. B. Die Inscrift von Gortyn. 6+167 p. Lp. 1885.

– “Formassociation bei den indogermanischen numeralien mit besonderen berücksichtigung der griechischen”, KZ 25, 1881, 225-260; “Hesychstudien”, Xenia Nicolaiana 1912, 59-108.

“Remarques sur les formes du pronom personnel dans les langues ariennes, en grec et en latin”, MSL 5, 1884, 1-26.

With Th. B.: Studien auf dem Gebiet der griechischen und der arischen Sprachen. I:1-2. Lp. 1886-88.

Sources: Kürschner, D.L.K. 1890, 1900, 1904, then no longer, but no obituary notice, either (and not in Deutsches biogr. Archiv 1st and 2nd series); early vita in his dissertation, and works in the N.U.C. and GesVerz; Stache-Weiske 2017, 503.

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