SCOTT, Jonathan

SCOTT, Jonathan. Shrewsbury 1754 — Shrewsbury 11.2.1829. British Colonial Officer and Oriental (Arabic and Persian) Scholar in India. Son of Jonathan Scott, brother of John Scott (1747–1819), an officer in India and supporter of Warren Hastings. Educated in Shrewsbury. “To India, in the 29th N.I., in 1772, Captain 1778, Persian Secretary to Warren Hastings. Helped to found the Asiatic Society of Bengal. Returned to England, 1785… Professor of Oriental Languages at the R[oyal] M[ilitary] College, 1802-5, and the first to hold a similar appointment at Haileybury. D.C.L. 1805.”

Publications: A Translation of the Memoirs of Eradut Khan; being anecdotes by a Hindoo Noble, of the Emperor Alumgeer Aurungzebe, and his successors Shaw Alum and Jehaundar Shaw. 1786; A Translation of Ferishta’s History of the Dekkan, with a History of Bengal from the Accession of Aliverdi Khan to the year 1780. 1794; Bahar Danush, or Garden of Knowledge; an Oriental Romance translated from the Persic of Einaiut Oollah. 1799.

tr. from French extracts from Galland’s Arabian Nights, with introduction and additions. 1811.

Sources: Buckland, Dictionary; Wikipedia.

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