SCHULZE, Wilhelm

SCHULZE, Wilhelm. Burgsteinfurt, Westfalen 15.12.1863 — Neu-Babelsberg (Berlin) 15.1.1935. German IE Scholar, founder of the Berlin School. Professor in Berlin. Son of Rudolf S., a post employee, and Dina Denhardt. Educated at Arnoldinum in Burgsteinfurt, where he also learned Hebrew. From 1881 studies of classical philology, Germanistics, Indology, Slavistics, general (H. Steinthal) and IE linguistics (J. Schmidt) at Berlin, then from 1883 under Zimmer et al. at Greifswald (now also Celtic). Ph.D. 1887 Greifswald. PD 1890 Greifswald in Classical Philology. From 1892 ao. Professor für klassische Philologie at Marburg. From 1895 ord. Professor of IE at Göttingen (new chair), in 1902 succeeded J. Schmidt at Berlin. Retired in 1932. From 1898 member of Göttingen G.W., from 1904 of Prussian Academy. Went only twice outside Germany, to Switzerland and Prague. Unmarried.

Schulze was a classical (mainly Greek) and IE scholar, but also much interested in Indology, and not only in Veda, but also in Jātaka and NIA (LSI). In Indology he mainly worked on linguistic details, especially etymology. His further interests included Lithuanian, Tocharian and IE realia. A pioneer of Etruscan studies (1904), also studied the Etruscan element in Latin, particularly in onomastics. He started writing in the KZ as a student. In Marburg he still lectured on classical texts, not on linguistics, and in Berlin his office left him no time for large studies. In his teaching he still preferred Greek, occasionally also Gothic and Germanistics, in later years Sanskrit. In his publications, too, the share of Germanistics was growing, but during his last ten years he mainly wrote on Tocharian.

Publications: Diss. Quaestionum Homericarum specimen. 57 p. Gryphiswaldiae 1887 (on digamma; the whole work De productione metrica apud Homerum atque Hesiodum.); hab.diss. Quaestiones epicae. 576 p. 1892.

Contributed to KZ since 1885, J. Schmidt’s successor as its editor in 1905-35 (with others), articles on IE, classical languages, Balto-Slavistics, Germanistics, etc.

Zur Geschichte lat. Eigennamen. 647 p. AGGW 1904.

– “Alt- und Neuindisches”, SBeAW 1906:1, 2-16 (on kinship terms); a dozen small (1-2 pages) linguistic and etymological notes on Indian in KZ 1913-36; brief articles on Iranian and Tocharian.

With E. Sieg & W. Siegling, Tocharische Grammatik. 518 p. Göttingen 1931.

Kleine Schriften. 16+779 p. Göttingen 1934, 2nd enl. ed. by W. Wissmann. 11+892 p. Gött. 1966.

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