STERN, Philippe

STERN, Philippe. 11.4.1895 — Paris 4.4.1979. French Art Historian specialized in Indian and South-East Asian (Khmer & Champa) Art. In 1924/29 attachée, then Conservateur-adjoint (1934) and 1954-65 Conservateur-en-chef of Musée Guimet in Paris (after Grousset, succeeded by Auboyer). Also Professor of Indian art and archaeology at École de Louvre (about 30 years from 1929). Did fieldwork in India and South-East Asia, in 1936 and after war. Also much interested in music. His students include M. Bénisti and O. Viennot.

Publications: much on South-East Asia: diss. Le Bayon d’Angkor et l’evolution de l’art khmer. 12+217 p. 22 pl. A.M.G. Bibl. de vulg. 47 P. 1927; L’art du Champa (ancien Annam) et son évolution. Toulouse, 1942; Les monuments khmers du style du bayon et Jayavarman VII. 1965.

with H. de Willman-Grabowska & P. Masson-Oursel: L’Inde antique et la civilisation indienne. 32+493 p. Bibl. Historique 26. P. 1933, English tr. Ancient India and Indian Civilisation. Transl. by M. R. Dobie. 435 p. L. 1934.

with A. A. Bake: Chanson de Rabindranath Tagore. 1935.

with M. Bénisti: Evolution du style indien d’Amarāvatī. 119 p. 68 pl. P. 1961.

Colonnes indiennes d’Ajantâ et d’Ellora. 188 p. 193 pl. P. 1972.

with J. Naudou & Cl. Picron: Au service d’une biologie de l’art. Recherches sur les arts de l’Inde et de l’Asie du Sud-Est. 1-2. 180 p. 138 ill. Lille 1978.


Sources: *BEFEO 70, 1981, 1-5, with bibliography 6-9; J. Auboyer, Arts as. 36, 1981, 66f.; French Wikipédia; small photo in

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