SCHRÖTER, Friedrich Christian Gotthelf

SCHRÖTER, Friedrich Christian Gotthelf. 1786 — Titalya, Bihar 14.7.1820. German Missionary in India. Born in Saxony, was educated as a missionary by Johann Jaenicke in Berlin. Ordained Lutheran priest 1813. Went to England and in 1815 to Ceylon (Sri Lanka) to work for Church Missionary Society. In 1816 came from Ceylon to Calcutta and was sent to Titalya near Darjeeling in order to learn Tibetan for missionary purposes. He translated the Italian part of the Capuchin Tibetan dictionary into English and started to work on a Tibetan grammar and an English–Tibetan dictionary, but death cut off his works. Thus he is perhaps undeservedly blamed for many of the mistakes in the work – there was nobody knowing Tibetan to read the proofs.

Publications: A Dictionary of the Bhotanta or Boutan language, printed from a manuscript copy made by the late F. C. G. Schroeter, ed. by J. Marshman; to which is prefixed a Grammar of the Bhootanta language, by F. C. G. Schroeter, ed. by W. Carey. 3+35+6+475 p. Serampore 1826.

Sources: Buckland, Dictionary, Addenda p. 470; *Le Calloch, Revue de la Bibl. nat. 1987; Asiatic Journal 26, 413 (Buckland’s source).

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