STURTEVANT, Edgar Howard

STURTEVANT, Edgar Howard. Jacksonville, Ill. 7.3.1875 — Branford CT 1.7.1952. U.S. IE and Hittite Scholar. Professor in New Haven. Educated at Indiana University (A.B 1898) and University of Chicago (Ph.D. 1901, diss. on Latin case forms). In 1901-02 Instructor of Latin at Indiana University (taught also Sanskrit), in 1903-05 acting Professor of Greek at Maryville College, Tennessee, 1903-05 acting Assistant Professor of Latin at University of Missouri, 1905-07 acting Assistant Professor at Indiana University. In 1907-13 Instructor in Classical Philology at Columbia University in New York, in 1913-20 Assistant Professor there. In 1920-23 Clerk in Irving National Bank in New York. From 1923 taught at Yale: 1923-26 Assistant Professor of Greek and Latin, 1926-27 Associate Professor of Linguistics, from 1927 Professor of Linguistics. Emeritus 1943. Hon. LL.D. 1939 Indiana University. Hon. LL.D. 1941 University of Chicago.

ES is famous for putting Hittite on its place in IE linguistics. Also interested in modern American English dialects and in Amerindian languages.

Publications: Comparative grammar of the Hittite language. 320 p. Philadelphia 1933, 2nd ed. 1951; other works on Hittite and other languages.

– “The misuse of case forms in the Achaemenian inscriptions”, JAOS 48, 1962, 66-73.

Sources: W. F. Wyatt Jr. in Briggs (ed.), Biogr. Dict. of N. Am. Class. 1994, 617-619 filed; *H. M. Hoenigswald, Lex. Gramm. 1996, 892f.; Wikipedia.

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