STEINKE, Martin (Tao Chuen)

STEINKE, Martin (Tao Chuen / Tao Chün / Dao Jun Zhi Ming). Potsdam 23.1.1882 — Igersheim, Main-Tauber 29.8.1966. German Bauddha. Studied economics and founded his own bank which he directed until 1933. Became early interested in Buddhism and gradually moved from Theravāda to Mahāyāna. In 1922 founded Gemeinde um Buddha in Berlin and edited its journal in 1922-32. In 1933-34 in China, obtained Mahāyana ordination there. Practising Buddhist in Potsdam and Berlin. In 1941 arrested by Nazis who forbade him to appear in public, from 1943 living in Igersheim.

Publications: Praktische Wege zum Übersinnlichen in der Buddha-Lehre. 97 p. B. 1926; Das Lebensgesetz. 248 p. Munich 1962 and other books.

Sources: Peiris, Buddhism 153; German Wikipedia.

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