STEINKE, Martin (Tao Chuen)

STEINKE, Martin (Tao Chuen / Tao Chün / Dao Jun Zhi Ming). Potsdam 23.1.1882 — Igersheim 29.8.1966. German Bauddha. Studied economics and founded his own bank which he directed until 1933. In 1922 founded Gemeinde um Buddha and edited its journal in 1922-32. In 1933-34 in China, obtained Mahāyana ordination there. Practising Buddhist in Potsdam and Berlin. In 1941 arrested by Nazis who forbade him to appear in public, from 1943 living in Igersheim.

Publications: Das Lebensgesetz. München 1962 and other books.

Sources: Peiris, Buddhism. 153; German Wikipedia.

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